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Karen Powers, Lac, EAMP.

“For various reasons most of us are not blessed with perfect health. Acupuncture can nourish and awaken your body’s own natural healing abilities to help you reach your highest possible level of comfort and quality of life. I am devoted to improving your health in a kind, safe, and non-judgmental environment.”

Karen is licensed by Washington State as an Acupuncturist and East Asian Medicine Practitioner. During her studies at Middle Way Acupuncture Institute (MAI), she was selected to serve on the Board of Directors for MAI and received special recognition from the school’s director for her service.

Karen has dedicated herself to acupuncture since 2015, consistently expanding her expertise in acupuncture, moxa, gausha, cupping, and acupressure through ongoing studies. In addition to her focus on acupuncture and Eastern Medicine, she has received valuable education from exceptional instructors in Eastern philosophy and meditation.

Dedicated to Western anatomy and contemporary scientific research, she offers profound treatments encompassing both the tangible and subtle aspects of the body. Maintaining a comprehensive perspective not only enriches her role as a healer but imparts profound depth to her practice. Karen holds the utmost respect for her clients, recognizing them as her most influential teachers. Those who visit Karen’s clinic not only depart physically refreshed but also feeling heard and cared for, addressing their unique needs.

Before beginning her career in Acupuncture, Karen and her husband operated a successful organic farm for 15 years near Bellingham, Washington. During this time, Karen taught at a small community school where the students, including her own two children (now grown), received a high-quality education rooted in a love of learning and respect for all people.

Chinese medicine uses the term Qi or Chi to refer to the body’s energy. To describe this energy, metaphors are often used. For example, rivers and streams are used to illustrate healthy flows within the body or the presence of blockages.

While observing the dramatic yet delicate cycles of the Nooksack River near her home, Karen was inspired to name her practice Inner Rivers Acupuncture.

Karen holds a Master’s Level Diploma in Acupuncture and is NCCOAM Board Certified. Please contact Karen directly at 360-296-6633 or email




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